Pretty Good Solitaire - Halloween Card Set

Pretty Good Solitaire - Halloween Card Set 1.0

Halloween Card Set is one of the card sets for Pretty Good Solitaire
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Goodsol Development

Pretty Good Solitaire is an excellent game developed by Goodsol Development. In fact, this game includes dozens of solitaire games. These games have different levels of difficulty, to fit different kinds of players. Any current game can be restarted, made to show rules, and there are also handy 'Undo' and 'Redo' options available. Some of the games included in Pretty Good Solitaire are: 'Suit Triangles', 'Gloucestershire', 'Triple Klondike', 'Will O the Wisp' and others.
'Halloween Card Set' is a special card set that can be installed into the 'Pretty Good Solitaire' game. This card set will change the traditional card images with more stylish ones. Magicians, dead people, wolves, charlatans, devils, vampires and many other characters will be added to your 'Pretty Good Solitaire' game once you download and install this card set.
The game itself is fully customizable, providing many options such as changing the background, showing hints, changin the number of card beaks and more. This card set is free, but the 'Pretty Good Solitaire' game must be registered for you to use the set.

Marian Zaky
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